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March 07, 2007



Not sure if you're still having this trouble, but my eskie is almost 5 and he was never like this. :) However, he's got his problems in other ways that are pretty interesting as well.

Anyhow, to the point - you might want to try trading the dog something more interesting, like a rawhide chew or a treat. Holding the treat in your hand, come up to the dog and say "drop it". If the dogs lets go to take the treat instead of your pillows, say "good drop it", praise her, make sure she takes the treat gently, and take the pillow away. This works for anything, really, but it's how you train a dog not to be aggressive with their toys. I can get my dog to drop something right into my palm without a treat without any problems now.

Of course, he still loves to shred anything with stuffing as well, but he restricts himself to his own toys, and rarely (this usually happens if I leave a slipper lying around while I go off to work.) He knows not to touch the couch -- I'd skin him alive if he did. :)

Have you tried taking Maisey to training classes?

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